When you have all the money you need and want to travel, you still need someone to help you plan luxury lifestyle vacations that meet your standards. In this case, you need an event concierge service with years of experience planning bespoke vacations to exotic tropical locales or glitzy cities such as Las Vegas and Miami. DowEvents will work with you to put together all the details to make your dream trip happen just the way it’s supposed to.

We provide destination programs and packages that include everything from booking your travel arrangements to picking you up at the airport and laying out all of your entertainment and lifestyle options once you reach your destination.

Below, we discuss some of the well-known destinations of the uber-rich. Just decide which one you want to visit first and contact us to make it happen. Your turnkey vacation planning includes everything from first-class flying to obtaining exclusive sporting events tickets. All courtesy of your destination management company.

Find out where the richest Americans vacation and how we can make these luxury lifestyle vacations happen for you. We’ve even included a section detailing where the world’s billionaires spend their vacations for added inspiration.

Where Do the Richest Americans Vacation?

Looking for inspiration from America’s richest families? Here are three superb destinations for America’s rich and famous:

  • Necker Island there’s one of 60 islands that form the British Virgin Islands. Owned by billionaire Richard Branson, it’s one of the exotic locales that frequently host the Uber wealthy and the Uber famous. Branson has made the entire island and exclusive resort for the likes of Kate Moss, who celebrated her 40th birthday in style here. Additionally, Larry Page, the lesser-known Google founder, tie the knot on this gorgeous and remote island. If you want to book a room in paradise, we can find outstanding accommodations starting at $5,000. If you want someplace to take your entourage to unwind for the weekend or longer, renting the entire island costs about $80,000 a night.
  • If you live in New York, you may prefer a destination a little closer to home. The Hamptons There’s one of the most famous destinations for high-net-worth individuals from around the world. It features high-end restaurants, white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, and designer boutiques around every corner. Whether you want to rent out a mansion for the summer or just need a weekend getaway, DowEvents is here to help you. Give us an idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll arrange a private shopping trip at a designer boutique, book delicious meals at five-star restaurants, or put you and the right venues to rub elbows with America’s rich and famous. Jay-Z, Calvin Klein, and even the Clintons own property in this exclusive area.
  • Croatia is still an undiscovered gem to many travelers. However, the capital city of Dubrovnik was made famous on Game of Thrones., since then, it has become a top destination for wealthy travelers looking for a true getaway. Giorgio Armani and Tom Cruise have come to Croatia to unwind. It’s also hosted public figures such as Prince Harry and Jacqueline Kennedy. If you would like to schedule time exploring ancient and modern destinations, this country has it all.

What Resorts Do Rich People Go To?

Montenegro, Belize, and Ireland have three exclusive resorts where you and your family can relax, play, and enjoy exquisite scenery. Reach out to your personal DowEvents specialist to plan luxury lifestyle vacations that will create unforgettable memories and allow you to maintain the highest standards of living. You won’t even have to make dinner reservations or find your way to the resort — we have that covered!

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Crystal blue water, mountain views and all the amenities you would expect await you at Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro. With rooms starting at $4,500 a night, Aman Sveti Stefan features two-story suites, each of which has its own swimming pool with dramatic Adriatic coastline. Spend your vacation on a private island with a 15th-century village and peerless spa and vacation opportunities, all arranged in advance by DowEvents.

Gladden Private Island, Belize

Belize is a gorgeous vacation destination, especially when you can relax on a private island. Gladden Private Island lies off the coast of Belize and costs just $3,000 to call your own for the night. Whether you want to spend time alone with the family and a few staff members or host a large event, your vacation event specialist can arrange for staff to stay on a separate island, or you can book the services of staff members already trained to handle the needs of discerning guests. Have breakfast on the rooftop terrace and admire views of the Maya Mountains or learn about the protected marine reserve offshore.

Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland

Ride a posh train through stunning Irish countryside to arrive at Belmond Grand Hibernian, Ireland. If you prefer lush landscapes and incomparable golf courses, we can plan a trip to the Emerald Island that will take your breath away. At first, it might not seem like a luxury lifestyle vacation to spend seven days on a train. However, you haven’t seen the train. Visit the iconic Cliffs of Moher, whiz by storybook castles and 17th century palaces, and relax in style without a care in the world.

Soneva Jani Resort, Maldives

There are more than a thousand islands in the Maldives. This has long been a destination for luxury lifestyle vacations when money isn’t an object. Along the lovely Medhufaru lagoon, Soneva Jani features water villas with uninterrupted views of azure water and perfect views for selfies in every direction. With retractable roofs, the villas allow you to stargaze in style and come with their own water slides. This is the perfect vacation for wealthy families looking for a unique experience. Cozy one-bedroom suites start at around $1,400 per night villas are available at $14,668 per night.

Where Do Billionaires Go for Vacation?

As promised, here’s a list of what some of the richest billionaires on the planet do for their vacations.

  1. Bill Gates has been known to rub shoulders with the locals and rich visitors in Croatia.
  2. Roman Abramovich may be a rich oligarch, but his favorite vacation spot is humble but breathtaking St. Barts.
  3. Steven Spielberg loves to visit Ireland, perhaps because of its cinematic panoramas.
  4. Oprah Winfrey may be the wealthiest woman on the planet, but she loves to dip her toes in the sparkling water off Fiji.

Contact us to make any of these luxury lifestyle vacations happen for you and your friends or family. Let’s build an exclusive itinerary that matches your preferences and every whim.