Are you ready for the 2023 Masters in Augusta? Held at the beautiful Augusta International Golf Course, the tournament provides the perfect opportunity to host a corporate or private event unlike any other. You can take the Masters as the opportunity to treat individual guests or host a retreat that lets your VIPs know how important they truly are.

If you are planning an event, take some tips from the professionals at DowEvents on how to run everything smoothly and leave guests awestruck. If you need any assistance accommodating your wealthy clients with high expectations, we are here to help!

Keep these four goals top of mind and you’ll meet and exceed the expectations of even the pickiest clients.

  1. Unmatched Hospitality

Each person who plays a role at the Masters, from the parking lot attendants to the people who run the event overall, is ready to give a warm welcome and to make sure guests have the best experience possible while in attendance.

Just like the folks at the Masters, make sure your guests get a huge dose of southern hospitality from you and your team as well. Always brighten each member of your party with a smile and a greeting. You may even want to ensure you have a special gift for them such as a Masters shirt, cigar, or even a welcome basket in their room. It always feels good to know you are wanted and welcomed when you arrive for a visit.

  1. Planned Itinerary

Event organizers at the Masters do a great job of helping to ensure that your guests can get all the information they need about each party, get-togethers, and special happenings on and off the course. However, it’s important to provide digital and printed itineraries and verbal assistance to make it easy for discerning travelers to find and enjoy their preferred events.

During the week of the Masters, there will be televisions in and outdoors to make sure you don’t miss a swing if you are somewhere other than the course. Schedules will be posted, drinks and snacks will be everywhere, and helpful signage ensures participants can get to destinations quickly and easily.

Make sure you have an itinerary curated with your guests in mind. As discussed, the event planners of the Masters have drinks, snacks, information, and transportation available at every turn. They have always considered every need of spectators. Do the same for your guests. Have an itinerary that provides rest times for those who need it but options for those who want to keep going. Make sure there are special options for self-care, such as massages, facials, and other services that allow your guests to relax in between all of the action-packed golf they will experience.

  1. Transportation Plan

The planners at the Masters help spectators enjoy every aspect of the event as much as possible. Even the transportation and traffic patterns are planned for this busy week. The event releases a traffic plan and encourages people to follow it for safety and efficiency. Of course, your guests will and should expect you to provide private transportation for off-site events. So, lock down these resources well in advance with the help of high-end event planners such as DowEvents.

Depending on the goals of the trip you are hosting, you want to think of all the scenarios of transportation and traffic before your guests have to. Either make a plan to pick your guests up from the airport, provide transportation from the airport, or make easy-to-follow directions on how to get a rental car or cab to the Augusta National Golf Course or the relevant accommodations.

Once your guests arrive at the rental home or to their various hotels, make sure there is signage or specific directions to all events. It would not be beneficial to have guests lost, trying to find their way, and missing important meetings or a tee-off of their favorite pro golfer.

  1. Know the Facts

The Masters, even though meant to be thoroughly enjoyed, has rules that must be followed. It would be an awful turn of events if you buy your tickets, make a plan, and traverse the traffic, only to get to the gate and get turned away because you brought something with you that you aren’t allowed to have on the course. The rules for spectators at the Masters include:

  • No cameras unless it is a practice round
  • No folding armchairs or chairs with pointed legs
  • No cellphones
  • No alcohol
  • No signs or banners
  • No spiked golf shoes
  • Wear comfortable shoes able to traverse the hilly course
  • Bring binoculars
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Do not seek an autograph from a golfer on the course

For your event, make sure each guest knows what they need to bring as well as what they need to leave behind. Make sure they know where they can find refreshments and restrooms, as well as the suggested attire for all events, so they don’t need to guess or be embarrassed if they are over or underdressed.

Depending on the event and the guests you are inviting, don’t take for granted they know all of the rules of your event or the Masters. It is said that the Masters has rules that are unlike any other sporting event, so it is imperative everyone knows the rules and etiquette to attend the tournament. There are even some unwritten rules that people need to follow!

The Augusta Masters of 2023 is the perfect time to treat your clients or friends and family to an event that encompasses your own activities, along with the activities of the golf tournament. Taking tips from the people who run the Masters or local business owners can help you treat your guests to an unforgettable experience.

Knowing this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for people in your party will make you want to create an experience that they will have a hard time topping anywhere else. Just like the Masters, your event will be a sought-after experience that everyone will want to be invited to.

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