Getting ready for a spectator trip to a Pebble Beach tournament is not a walk in the park, by any means.

Given the size of the crowds and the popularity of the events that happen at the popular coast side professional golf course, planning ahead of time for a trip is a really smart move.

Anyone who thinks that they can simply just drop into town and grab a nice viewing spot, much less a place to park and stay, is probably in for a big disappointment. Instead, understanding how the events are set up, what to take advantage of to move around, and what to expect when the crowds arrive can save a lot of time and headaches, as well as make the actual trip a lot more enjoyable.

Dow Events International makes it easy to secure spots at Pebble Beach at the course, but here are seven tips to practice for a big Pebble Beach tournament visit aside from just the gold course itself:

Have a Good Way to Get into Town

Most attendees will drive, which is why flying in makes so much more sense avoiding all the traffic. You could get to Carmel by car enjoying the views of Pacific Highway (route 1), but most folks are going to cut over from South of the San Francisco Peninsula or journey up from Santa Cruz.

The fastest, most direct method is to use Interstate 101 and then cut over to the coast on the Monterey exit. That involves driving, and a good car is a must. The roads are fine, but it’s a far more enjoyable trip with a reliable, road-hugging vehicle than a rental that has seen better days.

Flying in, however, with a concierge approach to local travel and lodging just makes so much more sense given the crowds and logistics. 

Don’t Plan on Your Car Once You Arrive

Too many folks assume they can use their car to get around one Pebble Beach is in full swing. In fact, what will end up happening is that they will watching everyone walking by them as they spend hours going nowhere in local traffic. Folks who attend on a regular basis or are local know and take great advantage of the local shuttle.

It stops at all the hotels and major visitor areas in Carmel as well as Pacific Grove, and the frequency is very timely and frequent. Nobody is sitting around for hours on end for the next shuttle to show up. Instead, the local shuttle gets everybody quickly to the Pebble Beach venue and back again, avoiding the traffic as well as allowing folks to enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving after the fact.

The shuttle runs every day of the week and until 8pm on the big days of Thursday through Sunday. Shuttle passes cost $25 for one day or $100 for a 7-day week.

Bags, Security and Belongings

Don’t plan on bringing a big camping backpack; you’re not going to be allowed in with it. Small bags are preferred, and regular cameras can only be used on non-tournament days. However, you can use your mobile device or phone as long as the flash is deactivated. Additionally, plan to be searched with a bag; the security measures are in place for large crowds without exception. 

Finding a Place to Sleep

Again, early birds get the worm. If you know you’re going to be staying at Pebble Beach for a known tournament, securing a reservation early on is the best advantage. Prices tend to be lowest for those who lock in rooms months in advance. Grabbing a spot closer to the date of the event is probably going to be iffy, and you will have to settle for what’s available at inflated pricing. That said, if price is not an issue, there are always going to be fine venues available for the even during the busiest days. 

Getting the Best Spot

Everyone tends to glom for the 18th hole since that’s the big round ender for all the players. However, a good amount of activity, play and less crowds tends to be found at holes 6 or 8 at Pebble Beach. Additionally, sitting spots are found on hole 17 with the grandstand and the tee offs are a nice viewing spot on hole 13. 

Focus on Hole 15 for the Party Mood

Much of the experience at Pebble Beach will be formal, stilted and controlled, being famous for what a professional golf tournament is expected to be broadcasted live on national TV. However, some parts of the course stay “off the grid,” allowing folks to let loose and vent some steam.

Hole 15 is that location. If you want to see fans act the goofiest, give the strongest cheer for the amateur golfers, and basically be a party in itself, then you have to experience Club 15. Anything is possible in the part of the course, including crowd surfing.

Yes, you read that right. It’s just a really silly party, the kind of place Bill Murray would get to and never leave, living up to his name and characters from the movies. 

Golf Isn’t the Only Thing in Town

Remember, there’s a lot more to Carmel and the Pebble Beach area than just the golf course. While the first question most people planning an event have is when is Pebble Beach golf tournament, there’s a lot more to do.

There are plenty of restaurants with award-winning menus, as well as the coast itself and outdoors, and lots of shops and unique venues to visit.

When you’re not enjoying the tournament, make sure to allow some time for just walking the town as well.

Otherwise, you’re going to miss out on half the trip and the reason why Pebble Beach is chosen as a professional golf course location in the first place.

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